Printer Cartridge Collection & Recycling

Due to our ongoing production requirements, we are always in need of empty printer cartridges. To this end, we have an extensive collection operation throughout Northern Ireland, which helps combat waste and put the cartridges back to use.

Many schools and companies support our 'Empty Cartridges Save Lives' programme in conjunction with Concern. We simply collect the used cartridges from the donor company and make a donation to Concern for each reusable cartridge received. To date we have raised in excess of £85,000!

Our cartridge collection process

  • All empty toner cartridges received by Harvard Manufacturing Ltd are unpacked and sorted in our warehouse. Those suitable for our own customers' requirements are processed in our Newry facility.

  • Empty cartridges not suitable for our own process are packaged up and sent to other Cartridge recyclers throughout the UK. Cartridges that are not required by other cartridge recyclers are sent back to the original equipment manufacturers via their recycling programmes.

  • Finally, any other cartridges not suitable for recycling are sent to an Authorised Approved End of Life treatment facility. This facility is fully compliant with all WEEE regulations.

All transfers of waste are covered by relevant waste transfer notes and in accordance with our environmental management system, which has been approved to BS8555.

If you would like us to make use of your empty printer cartridges and help a charity at the same time, please call us and we can arrange for collection.

Don't throw away your empty printer cartridges